BYSTRONIC Bystar 3015 (used)

Laser cutting

Updated: 22.03.2017 15:55:07

Year: 2006

Location: Poland

Machine state: used

Product Description


Metal length3000 mm
Metal width1500 mm
Power4400 W
Max thickness
CNC type
Travel X
Travel Y
Travel Z
Max weight of the workpiece890 kg
Travel speed113 m/min
Option to cut tubesno
Length x width x height - × - × -
Weight -
Worked power hours 76431 hours / 52691 hours
State good
At local norms ---------
Status visible


built in 2006 year.

technical parameters:
-laser power: 4400/4.4 kW
-work tables: 1500 x 3000 mm
-switch-on time machine: 76431 h
-cutting time: 52691 h
-cutting heads: 5 "and 7.5"
-stroke of the cutting head, from: 170 mm
-maximum workpiece weight: 890 kg
-positioning deviation: +-0.1 mm
-dispersion positioning: +-0,05 mm
-the accuracy of detection of the rim: +-0.5 mm
-the maximum speed of the parallel positioning of the axes X/Y : 80 m/min maximum positioning speed axis simultaneously-
X/Y: 113 m/min
-maximum acceleration: 4.5 m/s2

to different materials and thicknesses of materials achieve optimum cutting results, there are two different focal lengths 5.0 "/7.5" and 7.5 "-L:

application areas of cutting heads:
focal length 5.0 inch, diameter 300 um, material-steel (DC01):
-sheet thickness:

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